1^ TPM – international meeting in Camerino

Project partners from Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece met in the international meeting in Camerino in Italy hosted by colleagues from University of Camerino. The meeting was crucial to discuss the future development of the project. The meeting addressed issues concerning the definition of GRIT and the non-cognitive skills, university-territory collaboration, Third Missions actions in universities, the schedule of national and international events for the dissemination of the project, background research and the structuring of the handbook.
A key point was the dialogue between the humanities and the technological/scientific disciplines. The grit project consortium consists of different experts in the field. We are convinced that through collaboration between the worlds of education and technology, great things can be created!
Special thanks to the project partners for the incredible work they are doing in making such an ambitious project a reality! This project represents a collective effort to put together pedagogy, ICT and gamification to create new tools for the empowerment of European students and researchers.

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