Online EDTECH café

This event is a digital space to share and discuss the bridges between social sciences and artificial intelligence.

The NEXT online EdTech café is:

19th April, 3pm CET

Title: AI and tutoring services
Scientific coordinators: Giacomo Nalli (Middlesex University); Miriam Bassi (Università di Foggia)

Reference article discussed: “Developing a custom AI learning coach” (link here)

The history of the EDTECH cafès is available on the project social media!

GRIT European events

April 2023
Camerino, Italy.
Two workshops at the university Career Day: Stories of grit, Jobs20230&Agenda2030
December 2023

An online seminar to present the Grit handbook

21-23 February 2024
Zaragoza, Spain

The first Grit European conference.

International Congress for the Development of Socio-Emotional Competences.

14-15 May 2024
Sibiu, Romania

A European design thinking workshop to design tools to support young researchers' career development

4 June 2024
Cagliari, Italy

Presentation of the project at the third international conference of the journal "Scuola Democratica"

10-12 June 2024
Lisbon, Portugal

International ACEEU Forum

September 2024
OTS Conference
November 2024
Verona, Italy
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