The project will create OPEN Educational resources and digital tools to be freely used by everyone inside and outside the academic context. We are working on the development of 3 main resources

1. A HANDBOOK on key Competences for study and research in a changing world 

2. A GAME called Escape4challenges 

3. An AI MODEL for predicting grit and academic success

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Key Competences for Study and Research in a Changing World 

The essays collected in the handbook shed light upon the main challenges of our society and the role of universities in the contemporary scenario. The handbook ponders over issues such as the third mission of universities, the relation between civic engagement and academic success. It offers a focus on the importance of skills which go beyond technical skills and includes an implementation guidance on how to grow grit.

The handbook is the result of coordinated participatory action research activities done at a European level. We are involving more than 80 researchers, 80 members of the academic communities and 240 students.

An AI model for predicting grit and academic success.

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