Career day

20 April 2023: the GRIT project animated the Career Day at the University of Camerino with two workshops: a workshop entitled “STORIES OF GRIT” to build a common concept from experiences of ¬†grit and a round table “JOBS2030&AGENDA2030” on the future of work and the challenge of sustainability.
During the workshop, professionals and researchers told their stories, bringing up their career paths as tangible examples of how it is possible to become changemakers, i.e. people able to challenge stereotypes and face difficulties in the world of work in order to realise their own life project.
The concept of grit, which sees perseverance and passion as key ingredients to achieve one’s goals, and its nuances were the focus of the entire day.
The students of the University of Camerino tried to construct and enrich the definition of grit together, bringing to light several insights. Through the guidance of the project partners, the round table discussion led around challenging professional experiences, in which the grit of professionals played a crucial role.

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