University and Third Mission – survey

SURVEY: participatory and deliberative practices in European universities
Academic Third Mission is a priority for Universities’ agendas. Nowadays, the Academic Third Mission (related to societal impact of universities) needs to focus on the way academic communities interact both internally and with the external context. Moving from an Entrepreneurial University to a Resilient University in a complex society prefigures a changing paradigm of what we call Academic Third Mission and of how universities respond to what society expects from the outcomes of the academic activities.
Aligning Institutional Third Missions under a shared mindset for researchers, academic students and local stakeholders is a pivotal objective to achieve a Resilient European Higher Educational System.
Here is a questionnaire targeted to university staff/professors/researchers involved in managing and delivering the mentioned above activities. Filling the questionnaire takes around 20 minutes.
We define “technology transfer” as: “the process of sharing and disseminating knowledge, skills, and innovations between different organizations or countries. This exchange can foster economic growth, improve productivity, and stimulate innovation in various sectors.”
Your contribution is precious and will be used to: Enrich a repository of good practices In Europe which will be showcased in a handbook and on the project website. Help us better identify needs of universities to improve their deliberative practices. Click here to fill in the questionnaire

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