KEY COMPETENCES FOR STUDY AND RESEARCH IN A CHANGING WORD is the title of the handbook the partners of GRIT project are working on. 
In today’s world, memorising theoretical knowledge does not give us a great advantage in achieving our goals. Acquiring other skills, namely non-cognitive skills,  is essential for us to carry out our work successfully and to engage and contribute to society.
The handbook aims to help us achieve this through a twofold approach. In the first part, it offers an updated vision of the necessary competences that students and young researchers must have in order to become agents of change and thus be able to face current challenges. On the other hand, it offers a useful, evidence-based guide that will enable us to become the professionals and citizens that our troubled society needs in this complex historical moment. Finally, this handbook takes us on a journey from ‘knowing how to do’ to ‘knowing how to be’.

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